What Are Some Common Polyolefin Shrink Film Types and Their Benefits?

by Virginia Wilbur

A plastic film is used to shrink-wrap goods. Both printed and clear movies are available. They use heat to seal the area around your item. Any source of heat can be used to apply heat to the area around the product, although heat guns and shrink tunnels are the most common options. Using shrink films ensures a tight finish if the product is properly packed at the start. POF is ideal for a variety of uses since it is much softer and more flexible than PVC.

This particular brand of polyolefin shrink film is reasonably priced. The majority of automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrappers can use polyolefin shrink wrap without any issues, with high abrasion resistance, high strength, great clarity, and low-temperature resistance. Over time, it won’t lose its color or become fragile. The dazzling packaging effect and the wrapped goods can be efficiently protected with POF shrink film. Headway to this link https://www.keeptoppackaging.com/product/polyolefin-shrink-film/ to learn more about POF shrink film.

What Is the Purpose of POF Shrink Film

A heat-shrinkable wrapping material called polyolefin (POF) shrink film is used to package and safeguard goods. Superior clarity and shelf appeal are two advantages. It also resists temperature fluctuations well and has high durability. POF is a good option for a variety of applications due to its low chloride emissions and lack of odor.

Polyolefin Shrink Film Variations

Here are some common types of polyolefin shrink films:

POF Shrink Film Regular

This is the typical shrink wrap that is used to package goods in order to safeguard the surface of the goods. Although thin, clear, and ecologically friendly, the film itself doesn’t have any particularly distinguishing qualities. Appropriate for regular packing, including cosmetic packaging, food supplement packaging, books, yogurt, sour milk, and other items.

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film

The next step involves a cross-linking process, which boosts the tensile strength and endurance of the POF shrink film. It retains its ability to shrink and is still transparent and thin. It also resists tearing easily. Suitable for items with unusual shapes, such as balls.

POF High Performance Shrink Film

Superior-speed shrink-packing machines may use this POF shrink film because of its superior slip quality. For semi-finished noodle goods, it is suitable because of its robust sealing marks.

POF Shrink Film Anti-Fog

The POF shrink film is also carefully engineered to stop fog or condensation from accumulating on the goods, which is especially important for fresh foods like meats, produce, as well as frozen ready-to-eat meals.

The Positive Effects of Polyolefin Shrink Films on Business

  • It’s a resourceful packing substance. Food, beverages, cosmetics, and electronics are just a few of the things that POF shrink films can be used to package.
  • It is simple to recycle POF material. So you have a green option when you use POF to shrink films.
  • An affordable replacement is polyolefin shrink film. How? Comparatively speaking, compared too many of its competitors, it costs less per foot.
  • Multiple applications are possible for POF shrink film. Equipment and electronic products are a few of them, along with food product packaging. To protect a single item, stationery, etc., POF shrink film is also a good option.
  • The product’s size and shape are taken into account using polyolefin shrink film. It can fit in as little space as the product demands thanks to its effective packing. You free up room as a result, and you can use the area however you need to.
  • POF shrink sheets are a very advantageous packaging option for companies.

Final Words

The polyolefin (POF) shrink film market is expected to grow steadily in the next years. However, tight environmental regulations may prevent the market from expanding. Throughout the projection period, the food and beverage market is expected to have the most demand for POF films. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to expand the fastest in the market.

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