What are 3D printing and the Best 3D printers this 2020

by Virginia Wilbur

Working in an office, classroom, studio or anywhere that requires printing, you must have come across 3D printers. What is 3D printing? This is a process of producing three dimensional (3D) solid object through a digital file. They are also known as additive manufacturing because this process is achieved through the use of additives. What additive process generally means is that an object would be created by placing down layers of materials until the end object is created. Each of the successive layers used can be viewed as a thin-sliced cross-section of the actual object.

Unlike subtractive manufacturing, which entails cutting out of a metal or plastic piece, 3D printing is a complete opposite. With the use of 3D printing, you can produce complex shapes without having to use more materials that are required when opting for traditional manufacturing methods.

How Does It Work?

It begins with a 3D model that you can create yourself or can just download from a repository. If you choose to create it yourself, then you would need to choose a 3D scanner, a code, haptic device, app or even a 3D modeling software.

What are 3D Modeling Softwares?

Various types of 3D modeling software are available all around. You have the software you can get for free or you can also get the industrial-grade software which could cost about thousands yearly per license.

Beginners are usually advised to start using a Tinkercad. This is because it is free and would work in your browser, that way you can cut out installing it into your computer. It also offers 3D beginner lessons which help you understand the basics a lot easier and faster. When you get a 3D model, you would move on to the next step which is preparing the file for your 3D printer and this step is known as slicing.

3D Printers

Some of the best 3D printers can be used or found in many places such as design shops, classrooms, home studios, offices, etc. Users vary from designers, students, etc but the bottom line is, everyone loves a good 3D printer.

These printers come in various shapes and sizes and as their feature differ, so do the prices. This makes it a lot difficult for some people when they go shopping for 3D printers especially when they are getting one for the first time. Before buying a 3D printer, you have to understand what you want to use it for as it can go a long way in determining the one you need. You might want one for simple things or more advanced features.

However, there are printer manufacturers which excel in giving the best service to any kind of individual. Creality 3D lets you get the best of 3D printers. Students, hobbyists, designers, etc. can always find the right printers from here as they are one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers in China. Creality 3D printer not just delivers but have a longevity that is very much impressive.

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