Top highlights of the FIFA 20 fut game and use of coins

by Virginia Wilbur

The last in the series of FIFA’s installment, FIFA 19 gained popularity and had large reception among gamers. Having well over 10 million units sold, FIFA 19 cements its place as the best-selling video game of 2019. Leveraging on this success, game developers EA Sports, have created the latest version in the iteration, FIFA 20, for better gaming experience among its users.

Usually, over the years, enthusiasm and criticism among gamers raise frequent questions about game features, gameplays, cost, etc. EA deemed it fit to incorporate these in its latest installment.

Improved Gameplay.

This iteration is designed with a much better control experience, by giving gamers fluidity and overall charge over their game. EA has developed this version with much-improved player intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence technology preempts your moves and provides room for better player expressions.

Speaking about player expressions; the strafe dribbling technic is a new feature in FIFA 20 that gives gamers an edge in one on one situations. Using the L1/LB and L1 + R1/LB + RB combos, getting past your opponents becomes a piece of cake.

The utmost aim of playing is putting the ball through your opponent’s net; this has made touching up the finishing aspect inevitable. The composed finishing ensures finishing is as realistic as it should. The adjustment increases goal-scoring chances in one on one situations.

Also, in a bid to improve scoring chances from set-pieces, an addition has been made while taking free-kicks. This new edition provides clarity while aiming at the goal post. This update also affects the penalty kicks by extension.

New Features.

A Prominent addition to FIFA’s video game this year is the Volta football. It’s not a first time out creating this mode as EA stopped its creation in 2012. However, due to several yearning from players, EA has decided to return this game mode.

 This game mode draws its inspiration from street football. With the culture of football traced back to the streets, it is only necessary to ensure football’s culture doesn’t go into extinction.

This new game mode enables you to create players with distinct features like jerseys, celebration styles, etc. the Volta mode also has its specific game type, ranging from a three on three non-goalkeeping modes to professional futsal.

Updates in Game Modes.

There have also been facelifts across existing game modes in FIFA 20; ranging from the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team 20) to Career Modes and Pro clubs inclusive.

For instance, the FUT mode just got better with club customization options; you’ve got to strengthen your club to taste using FIFA 20 FUT coins to purchase football items like balls and training kits. Therefore, your chance of survival consequently increases.

The developers also deemed it fit to improve on the press conferences already in existence in FIFA 19. This update ensures your press conferences as the manager affects player spirits. Also, the creation of new message interphase enables you to cater to the requests of your players individually or collectively.

Final Thought

The sales of this version are in three different editions, namely; standard, champions and ultimate editions. The standard edition sold at 54.99 pounds, champions edition at 69.99 pounds and lastly, the ultimate version goes for 89.99 pounds.

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