Reasons Why Every Student Needs an Honor 9X

by Virginia Wilbur

Honor is no doubt climbing the ranks of the tech realms on introducing high-quality and budget-friendly smartphones. Honor is changing the game by providing smartphones that don’t break the bank compared to other flagship smartphones that can cost you up to £1000 for their newly released smartphone.

This company released its Honor 9X not so long ago and garnered positive reviews about its unique and impressive specs. As part of their Honor Back To School in UK promo, Honor just offered a major price sale for this awesome smartphone. Here are the reasons why you need to grab one of these now.

Why You Need an Honor 9X?

You save more than £80

Honor 9X just dropped its price for the back to school promo, which was previously worth £289.98 and now only costs £199.99! Now, that’s a major sale right there. You wouldn’t find anything like this in other flagship brands that offer a heftier price for newly released smartphones. If you’re a student on a budget this coming school year, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise the quality, this smartphone is the perfect partner for you to welcome the school year 2020 with a bang!

You can get it with a bundle.

Other than getting just the smartphone for a much affordable price, Honor 9X can also be purchased with a bundle that comes with an Honor Sport Bluetooth Earphones. Initially, this Bluetooth earphone cost individually £69.99. That’s a great deal right there compared to buying it as-is out of pocket. You can get either of these two colors; red or black. This offer is only for this opening of the school year. Grab yours before they run out.

It has exceptional beauty.

Notice how other Honor smartphones quite resemble in terms of sleek design. The Honor 9X was designed uniquely by retaining its signature smooth back panel that creates a gradient effect at any angle. But one unique addition is made for the design; it has a glimmering X effect to create a better illusion on the user’s eyes at any angle. The name of the smartphone speaks for its design itself. Classically beautiful in X.

It has a unique pop-up camera.

One of its unique features is its hideaway front camera system that offers zero distraction for the user’s viewing experience. Unlike most smartphone cameras these days, Honor does away with the standard pop-up selfie camera and instead retracts in a second as soon as you finish your perfect selfie. Totally zero distractions and a more optimal user experience. Not only that, but the camera can also take a maximum of 48mp high definition photos to elevate your photos in one click. Perfect for photo aficionados or just simply for making memories in every moment.

Need we say more? What are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your Honor 9X right now while it’s still on sale. The specs are impressive for the price, and it’s worth it!

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