The Beginners` Guide to IPTV Internet TV

by Virginia Wilbur

All of your favorite shows live and in HD as well as SD settings. You might think you have all this by regularly renewing your TV subscription. This is true. However, what if there was a way to avoid renewing your subscriptions indefinitely? Lifetime subscription sounds like a concept straight out of a fictional movie, right? Well, it might have been just that, a fiction-based concept. But IPTV internet television has made the concept of “lifetime” subscription for all of your favorite channels more of a reality TV concept.

A lifetime subscription is possible and is currently being enjoyed by more than 30000 subscribers so far. Internet television is a concept that has been in existence for a while. But IPTV internet television is a whole different ballgame. With just one subscription you get to enjoy a lifetime of free television entertainment. As mentioned earlier a lot of people already enjoying this service, why aren’t you?

 Maybe, you are not so sure about what exactly is going on. This article will be giving a brief rundown on IPTV internet television and what exactly it entails.

About IPTV Internet TV

IPTV internet television is a service made available SuperBox to the best degree possible at the moment. There might be other forms of Internet television services, but IPTV could be said to be leading the rest. IPTV internet television comprises more than 3000 free channels. These include both channels than you need or needed cable TV connectivity to watch, as well as other local channels.

The content being aired on these channels is coming to you in real-time. This means that you get to catch your Sports, News, reality TV shows, and recent movies as soon as they are being heard on just about any cable channel. Additionally, a few IPTV services even offer playback services. All these recent upgrades are just aimed at satisfying customer demands to the highest possible extent.

 IPTV Internet Television Boxes

 IPTV boxes are essential in accessing and enjoying IPTV services. In fact, in a way it could be said that you are paying for these IPTV internet television boxes are not exactly subscribing. Because the money you use in buying and you’re stalling these boxes will be all the money you spend while using IPTV services. 

There are two main types of IPTV Internet television boxes. There are the S1 Pro and the S1 Plus. The major differences between these two IPTV boxes are only two. These differences are in their prices and their memory capacities. The S1 Pro has lesser memory space than the S1 Plus.

Secondly the former is priced at only $299 while the latter is priced at $399. 

These are just the two major differences. Other than that they are mostly the same. You could enjoy 6K Ultra HD viewing with either one of them and both of them are excellent for gifting purposes. 


The IPTV internet television a vast array of choices about your entertainment. This offer comes at a relatively cheap price compared to order forms of TV entertainment such as cable TV. So come on and join our community of IPTV subscribers today and enjoy TV entertainment to the fullest.

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