All There Is To Know About HONOR 9X

by Virginia Wilbur

If you’re looking to buy a smartphone this Black Friday, you should stay on the lookout for sweet honor offerte. While we’re on that topic, the Honor 9X smartphone series is a highly capable device with pocket-friendly prices. Let us take a look at the specifications that set this phone apart from the rest.


This Honor 9X phone got released late in 2019. Considering the competition on the market, Honor 9X stands a good chance at being your next handset for the following reasons;

a. Sleek design

The HONOR 9X comes in black and sapphire blue with a back panel reflecting light in an X pattern. The back features the HONOR 9X camera and a flashlight located right below the cameras. Lastly, you will find a fingerprint sensor at the rear panel center, making it easier to unlock the phone.

b. Display

Honor 9X display measures 6.59 inches and magnificent HD display. Its screen resolution is 2340pixels by 1080pixels. Secondly, the pop-up camera is a unique feature on this phone. The phone also features full-screen app support, which is unusual for phones falling within Honor 9X price range.

c. Performance

Kirin 710F processor is behind the honor 9X’s excellent performance. The phone offers 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, which is expandable by installing an SD card of over 500GB. The phone runs on EMUI 9.1.0 that uses Android 9.0 as a base operating system. The system has its unique features like you can set your themes and create your motions and gestures.

 You also get access to exclusive, exciting apps like HiCare, Honor app store, and the Tips app. The operating system also allows the user to set time limits for apps to achieve digital balance. If you choose to, you can set a sleep or bedtime for the device.

d. Camera

Honor 9X’s camera specifications are exceptional compared to any other phone. For example, no expense got spared while making the three lensed cameras that feature a 48megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel depth sensor camera, and an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera. Together the picture quality is exceptionally vivid.

That is not all; the camera has AI features to make the color brighter and more vibrant. Meaning, you can’t go wrong with this camera. The phone gives you the option to blur out the background under portrait settings, and low light shots are clear when night mode settings are activated.

A 16 megapixel pop up camera gives you almost as much function as the rear cameras. You have access to portrait mode and night mode, which is a feature most phone cameras do not have. The AI feature is also available and adjustable as needed.

e. Battery

The honor 9X battery is strong enough to last you through a whole day of activity. The 4000mAh battery is easy to charge and will last you through a day’s worth of video games, calls, and videos. The phone is also packed with a charger, so you do not have to worry about buying a charger.


The Honor 9X smartphone is undoubtedly a phone you should consider buying. It offers real value for money. The excellent back camera is its main selling point. If you love taking pictures and you’re on a low budget, then you might want to consider the Honor 9X. This phone takes a top spot against its competitors.

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