The Main Purpose of the Huawei Wallet Kit

by Virginia Wilbur

By now you’ve heard about Huawei’s biggest news on the latest addition of their growing tech family, the Wallet Kit. The name itself quite reveals the real purpose it offers to its users. But to be sure, let’s see what Huawei’s Wallet Kit is really all about.

What is the Huawei Wallet Kit?

Basically, it’s a whole new payment method that you can access from your smartphones. You have to be a registered Huawei member to do so. There will be a separate instruction provided by the app on how to set it up in your smartphone.

How it helps the users?

With the whole pandemic situation going on right now, the Huawei Pay or Wallet Kit has become a convenient way to pay your purchases with zero contact. We’re all well aware how the governments all over the world are implementing no contact, social distancing and cashless payments.

Huawei offers such benefits to ease the problems of not following the covid protocols to avoid spreading the virus. Although we’re all encouraged to stay at home these days, we still need to do our daily chores like going to the supermarket to buy food and getting gas at the gasoline station. With Huawei Pay, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Cashless payment method

Health and Medical experts have encouraged the people to use cashless transactions as much as possible. Due to the on-going spread of the virus, it’s more risky to handle cash that is a possible carrier of the virus. It’s a lot of work to sanitize all your cash and even your debit cards after use.

Also, when handling the card machine, you might need to get in contact with the cashier to input your pin code or accept the change. It doesn’t sound safe at all and it’s best to avoid this kind of contact. That’s the reason why a lot of payment schemes are being introduced to aid this dilemma and provide solutions to the consumers and front line workers as well.

With the Huawei Pay, it’s now easier to make purchases with just one swipe or with a valid QR code. It’s the same idea as how banks are starting to transition debit and credit cards with a microchip that consumers can just swipe when paying instead of touching the card machine to enter their pin. Huawei has also stepped up its services to make it convenient for its users.

It’s easy to integrate, setup and all the more easy to use for purchases. As long as you follow the steps on setting up your own Huawei Wallet Kit in your smartphone, you can already use it wherever, whenever. It’s handy since you don’t need to bring your wallet anymore whenever you leave the house. All you need is your car keys, smartphone and of course, mask. It was just timely that Huawei was able to introduce this smart way of purchasing goods and services.

To learn more about the Huawei Wallet Kit, please visit Huawei’s official website.

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