The Most Popular Types Of Orbs In Path Of Exile

by Virginia Wilbur

In high-performance gaming with hi-def graphics, virtual currencies are an excellent tool for purchasing in-game assets and goodies. These currencies are also required to maintain the in-game economic ecosystem and the acquisition of extremely rare items. You can buy PoE orbs and also consume path of exile orbs like wealthy players, including buying exalted orbs for a fixed amount or adding random affixes to rare items. Regular path of exile players can exchange exalted orbs for mission-critical equipment. Buying POE orbs from means that they will be delivered fast and safely to your account. In the massive world of Path of Exile, exalted orbs are a very rare currency that is dropped by chests, slain monsters, Arcanist’s Strongboxes, and destructible containers. Let’s focus on the most popular orbs in Path of Exile.

How to get exalted orbs in POE

  • You can get exalted orbs through the combination of 20 exalted shards. It is also possible for a stack of 20 shards to become an exalted orb.
  • Exalted Orbs are also regularly dropped by destructible containers, Arcanist’s Strongboxes, chests, and slain monsters.

Different types of currency orbs used in Path of Exile

The path of exile gaming world is beautifully designed to include a large variety of characters as well as currency orbs. The various types of currency orbs in POE include:

  • Orb of Chance

This particular orb can be used by players to upgrade normal items to random rarity options.

  • Orb of alchemy

Players can utilize this orb to upgrade normal items to rare options.

  • Vaal orbs

This particular orb is a highly valuable asset in the world of Path of Exile. Players can use it to corrupt an item and even corrupt mighty weapons to offer additional strength and increase the character’s player. This type of orb is also one of the most expensive in the entire gameplay and is best farmed by utilizing natural methods or buying it from an external source such as IGVault.

  • Exalted Orbs

These orbs are used to create new random characteristics in rare items. Exalted orbs can be farmed in two ways:

  1. Entering the maps and hoping that you will come across an exalted orb in your quest
  2. By farming for other currencies and using them to buy exalted orbs.
  • Chaos orbs

In the world of Path of Exile, the rare tier of items is what a majority of good players rely on to progress in the game. Rare tier is not as hard to reach as Unique Items, and the stats that it generates are better than Magic Items. Chaos orbs, when used wisely and in conjunction with Exalted Orbs, can significantly improve a Rare item. Chaos orbs may be useful for rare items but may also possess undesirable modifiers. However, players can manually change the affixes until they form the perfect build for the player. The fact that the result will be random means that the player can repeat the process over and over again, considering that both the affixes and their number are randomized.


The dark, multiplayer online role-playing game that is Path of Exile is based on a horror-themed alternate world that lets you customize characters to fight evil. You can buy POE orbs for use in the game from IGVault, including Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs.

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