Beginners Guide to FIFA Coins 20

by Virginia Wilbur

Many people that had just begun playing FUT 20 simply believe that what matters most is their football knowledge, how they will manage their teams, their players, and their other football-related assets.

However, once they step into the arena of FUT 20, they learn that there is so much more than that. 

One of the first lessons they learn is the real impact of FIFA coins 20 and its massive influence on the entire playing experience. 

Here is an introduction to exactly that – FIFA coins. That way, you can easily navigate the massive and highly competitive world of FUT 20. 

The importance of FIFA Coins

To put it plainly your virtual FIFA coins are what real money is for football clubs. The more they have it, the better players they buy. They are stronger as a team, they have more assets at their disposal, and so on. 

Therefore, if you want your FUT club to be as strong as teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and PSG, you will need a lot of coins. 

How to earn FIFA coins?

To earn FIFA coins, EA recommends you play as many games as possible, grab any opportunity to win, take part in challenges, build your team strategically, make smart trades, carefully manage your assets, and so on. 

You can also earn free coins from coin traders that often create giveaways. In most cases, for a small number of coins, you are asked to follow them on social media, share a link, like a post, retweet some of their tweets, and stuff like that. 

Then there are certain promotions, where you need to partake so that you qualify for some extra coins. FUT 20 players are even given free coins just for daily logging on the FUT 20 mobile app. 

Buying FIFA coins 

First of all, buying coins is not a must-do requirement. Plus, when it comes to buying FIFA coins, EA is far from happy. They will flag your account if they suspect any such activity.

However, thousands of people are buying FIFA coins daily under the very eyes of EA and are not getting flagged or banned. 

People buy FIFA coins because it helps them build their dream team faster, or at the very least build the foundation for their dream team which will be built later in time. Plus, by buying coins you save yourself from entire days and nights, grinding and working relentlessly to increase your stack. 

Nowadays, buying coins is relatively easy and straightforward. You just need to find a reputable coin trader to buy from. To that end, you can check out some of the online forums and Facebook pages created by veteran FUT players. There you can find recommendations from other, more experienced players that have already purchased FIFA coins. 

If you want to buy without attracting the attention of EA just make sure you don’t go buying big amounts of coins at once and in quick successions. You don’t sell high valued bronze players worth 10k or more), and you don’t allow for other people from other countries to log on your account.

Also, it is best to buy FIFA coins during the weekend. There is a lot of activity and traffic during that period so you can do the transaction under the radar of it all.

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